I'm a Stylist and Image Consultant.
Born and raised in Milan, I was always fascinated and influenced by fashion (avoiding to become a fashion victim) and all its shades thanks, for sure, to Milan considered by many the World's Fashion Capital.
Since I was a little girl I always loved to recover and recycle old cloths and clothes, (re)giving them a new life as dresses, accessorizes, and much more.
After having finished my art studies, I immediately gained the chance to work, as  Costume Designer,  in show business where I converted what was only a passion into a real job. As of today, it is more than 25 years that what started just as a game, gave me the opportunity to work in TV, Cinema, Theater with many well-known celebrities. During this time I worked following different trends and, sometimes, anticipating them. I should also add that I worked in various roles in fashion, like haute-couture stores, image and style consultant.
Recently I also have created my own small collection of unusual bon ton dresses.
Last, but not least, I fluently speak English and French (in addition to Italian).