I can provide you different services to create a better image of you like image consultant, personal shopper, wardrobe organizer and a better luggage organization (smart luggage).

IMAGE CONSULTANT: this service is aimed to people that, for many reasons, need to be “guided” to choose the best clothing items for their image during a special or particular occasion like a wedding, party, pregnancy, post-partum, overweight, job interview, graduation, and all the minor situations that surround us daily. A service like this can be vital in a company or hotel, a trade show or an event, where the Image is the first and most important introduction to others. For example, it is possible to curate hostesses or stewards’ image.

PERSONAL SHOPPER: A very requested service, it is advised for the ones who want to have at their side an “expert” which, thanks to the experience gathered, can support you during your shopping spree, matching different items. Often requested by tourists, it is one of the best ways to fit in the local style.

PERSONAL STYLIST: This is an absolutely synergic activity, where the personal stylist must use empathy, taste, experience to satisfy customers’ needs, guiding them through a journey to discover news possibilities for their look. Results can be achieved analyzing shapes, colours, lifestyle, tastes and needs of the client, highlighting qualities and mitigating potential imperfections.

WARDROBE ORGANIZER: Many times we “abandon” clothes and accessories in our wardrobe, where some of them still have the price tag attached. Sometimes we even decide to keep an old sweatshirt from 20 years before, without ever wearing it. We don’t have to die of guilt or to tell ourselves “someday your day will come, I’ll keep you!”. What you really need is to optimize space and, at the same time, to satisfy some of your needs or desires. A “support” during this process to accurately choose what to keep or what to re-adapt, it is absolutely something you need: that’s when a wardrobe organizer can be called to help you to come out of this sticky situation having both fun and satisfaction keeping something or throwing it in the “nope” bin, to clean up your whole wardrobe and image.

THE “SMART LUGGAGE”: Thanks to a luggage organizer and some old tricks, you will be able to pack your stuff in the smartest way bringing with you everything you need, from that elegant suit (or tuxedo) to that lame pajama, with just a small luggage not as heavy as you might think.