TV, Theater, Cinema, Commercial

For more than 25 years I have worked as a Costume Designer and  Stylist for Mediaset, Sky and different private TV stations.

Fuego Italia 1 with Tamara Donà (1998/2000) and with Daniele Bossari (2000/2002) - Night Express Italia 1 with Tamara Donà - Bandit & It Generatio SKY- Studio Aperto Italia 1 - TG4  Rete 4 - Sipario  Rete 4 - Miracoli Rete 4 - Controcampo  Italia 1 with Sandro Piccinini - Controcampo DDR Italia1 with Alberto Brandi - Guida al Campionato Italia 1  with Mino Taveri - XXL Italia 1 with Mino Taveri - For more than 10 years I curated the image and the look of the entire  Studio Sport Italia 1 and Mediaset Premium  journalists team - Caduta Libera Canale 5 with Gerry Scotti (3 editions) - The Wall Canale 5 with Gerry Scotti (2017) - Olimpiadi Invernali Sochi 2014  SKY with Claudia Morandini and Luca Sgarbi-  (2014). Musical shows (ReteAllmusic)  conducted by Alessandro Cattelan and Luca Abbrescia (1999/2000)

During these years I have also worked for many commercials, music videos, plays and movies as : "La Grande Truffa" with Luca Barbareschi e Chiara Noschese (2000) "Screw loose" with Mel Brooks- "Asini" with Claudio Bisio and many others.